National minister of finance, Cristobal Montoro, has made it clear that he is willing to negotiate over outstanding investment commitments that the state has with the Balearics. Among these are a claim by the regional government for the payment of some 240 million euros under an agreement for road-building that is to be raised at the Joint Economic Commission meeting towards the end of next month.

Montoro’s willingness was explained by the regional government’s finance minister, Catalina Cladera, following discussions with Montoro in Madrid. During these Montoro acknowledged that the Balearics have suffered from an underfunding that the system of regional financing has failed to correct. He admitted that the Balearics continue to give more than is received. However, he said that any revision of regional financing would now have to wait until after the general election. When the commission meets in October, therefore, he will want to negotiate the outstanding commitments.

 The payment for road-building, said Cladera, was subject to a court ruling of 2011 related to agreements that date back as far as 1998. A total of 333 million had not been transferred to the Balearics, though 90 million (specifically to do with the 1998 agreement) was paid earlier this year, leaving the 240 million or so remaining.