News of the day 27 May 2016
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PP try again to stop Feixina monument demolition

Carlos Zayas, one of first socialist deputies of the new democratic era after Franco's death, says that he is not in favour of the monument disappearing.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Businesses concerned about losses because of new Alcudia bridge

Bar and shop owners along Pedro Mas y Reus say that the bridge will divert tourists away from their businesses.

Andrew Ede

Puerto Pollensa

Will calm now return to Puerto Pollensa?

Yesterday the news came through that authorisation for the beach services had been received, meaning a revised tendering process.

Andrew Ede


Document suggests Palacio contractor was to receive compensation

A document reveals that the PP were preparing a payment of 6.6 million euros compensation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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The book fair and Born businesses

"Businesses are suffering because clients are going elsewhere."

Jason Moore

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