The new bridge by the Bellevue complex. | Andrew Ede

The process of upgrading the bridges over the canals in Alcudia's City of Lakes - paid for by the national environment ministry's Costas Authority - is continuing. While new bridges that have been installed have been welcomed, there is one that has not been.

At one of the limits of the Bellevue hotel complex, a bridge has been placed over the canal to connect the complex with the calle Ficus, a short dead-end residential street right next to the canal. How can this bridge be causing controversy?

At a meeting yesterday of local businesses with Pepe Tirado, the president of the Acotur tourist businesses association, the bridge was a major point of discussion. Businesses on the Avenida Pedro Mas y Reus, commonly and variously referred to as The Mile, are not happy with it. They say that the bridge constitutes a new point of entrance to and departure from Bellevue that will result in holidaymakers at the complex being diverted away from their businesses. Specifically, these are ones between the main entrance and exit road at Bellevue and the road bridge on Pedro Mas y Reus.

A meeting with the mayor, Toni Mir, is to be requested, with businesses insisting that the new bridge should only be used for emergencies.

If the fears of the businesses are real and there is a major movement of Bellevue guests using the bridge, then it may well be that residents on the calle Ficus would also suffer because of the numbers.