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Delays announced at Palma because of the French industrial action.


Cancellations and delays at Palma airport

By 5pm this afternoon, a total of 29 flights had been cancelled in the Balearics.

Humphrey Carter

The poster for the Magalive campaign.


New Magalluf campaign for tourist responsibility

"You decide the role you play in Magalluf." This is the "invitation" contained in the latest Calvia campaign to promote tourist responsibility.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

José María Rodríguez is strongly denying claims against him.


The sordid affairs of Palma's police

Juan Manuel Penalva, the judge investigating corruption in the Palma force, claims that Rodríguez was the "architect in the shadows".

Andrew Ede

Tourist spending across the Balearics has been increasing sharply.


Foreign tourist spending continues to soar in the Balearics

Spending by foreign tourists in the Balearics during the first five months of the year was up 13.8% to 2,762 million euros.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Brexit chickens

So, those responsible for causing an almighty mess have now done a runner.

Humphrey Carter

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