First it was Boris who ducked out of the political spotlight, handing the baton over to Gove and then Nigel Farage followed suit claiming his job was done.

"I wanted to bring the UK out of Europe and I have," he boasted and then probably disappeared to his favourite place, the pub. He certainly will not be welcomed in Strasbourg any more, nor should he go.

After the political chaos they have caused, one would have expected them to have hung around to try and help clear up the mess, but no, like two spineless little kids, they’ve broken all the dishes and run away.

In all honesty they cannot proclaim to have pulled off a major victory. Not only was the result extremely close: when turnout is taken into account, only around 30 per cent of the UK wanted to leave the EU. So what about the remain 70 who wanted to stay in?

I think they, and many other Brexit voters know that it was quite possibly a momentous mistake and I honestly do not think that they were expecting the result they got - hence why the Brexit leaders are dropping like flies: they have no plan, there is no plan.

Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage have shown a lack of patriotism in quitting ahead of the negotiations for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union which they fought for, EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker said today. I agree with him and I am sure many others do too.