The poster for the Magalive campaign.


"You decide the role you play in Magalluf." This is the "invitation" contained in the latest Calvia campaign to promote individual responsibility and tourist and resident awareness as part of a wider effort to develop "responsible entertainment" in Magalluf's nightlife centre.

The town hall, together with the Calvia Foundation, today outlined this digital marketing campaign, which is entitled #Magalive: you decide the role you play. It is intended to be a "positive" campaign directed at Magalluf tourists. The message is, therefore, that full enjoyment of Magalluf depends on decisions taken by tourists.

The town hall is seeking to involve young tourists through a series of "highly visual and fun" actions in order to highlight the fact that fun can be had without, for instance, inhaling laughing gas or doing something else that could "ruin" a holiday.

The actual launch of the campaign is to be tomorrow at 8pm at the Wave House hotel. Two actors, playing Jane and James, will warn of the risks of excessive alcohol and the use of drugs and not just pub crawls or party boats. These can lead, as is well-known, to the dissemination of videos with an "orgiastic" character that does serious harm to Magalluf's reputation.

Directors of communication at various hotel chains are collaborating with the campaign, and the town hall has invited representatives from the tourism industry and prominent social media presenters to incorporate the campaign via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The campaign forms part of the overall effort to reposition Magalluf and its image. While hoteliers have been key to this, the town hall has been introducing bylaws aimed at getting rid of bad behaviour and preventing a deterioration of this image. The regional government is also key to this effort, as it has powers to, for example, regulate party boats, currently the main threat to the resort's desires for regeneration.


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Rick / Hace over 5 years

What a load ifs nonsense


mike / Hace over 5 years

The comment below, from "Holidayaker", complete with it's poor grammar - not to mention its tortured syntax - is a perfect example of the type of tourist we don't want.

Next they'll be complaining about the Tourist Tax. Oh wait, what's that? You tourists are responsible for the problems you encounter? Surely not. I mean, these Lookey-lookey guys and prostitutes are all over Magalluf even when you're not there in November, right?


HOLIDAYAKER / Hace over 5 years

Once again blame the tourists for bringing Magaluf down. WHAT ABOUT THE MUGGERS DRUG DEALERS AND PROSTITUTES !!!!!!!!!! Can't believe the mentality of the people running this resort how about protecting the tourists instead of waisting money showing THEM how not to behave. How about showing actors tourists how they will be mugged !!!!!


Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

Sounds like they are more interested in the image of the resort than the health and safety of the tourists, workers and residents.


Grant / Hace over 5 years

Yet another scheme to gloss over the real problems of Magaluf. One of the bylaws set out by the mayor was no hawking )selling) on the streets. This year there are more sellers than ever on the streets. Lookey men breeding like rabbits, who are the ones selling drugs. Seen it with my own eyes.