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Palma's tourism councillor Joana Adrover and mayor José Hila at London's World Travel Market.


Winter tourism, holiday rentals and snow: the week in Majorca

Winter tourism in the Balearics was being promoted in London, where there was talk but limited sign of holiday rentals. And winter arrived in a Majorca autumn: the first snow fell.

Andrew Ede


What's on in Majorca: 14-20 November

The fair of fairs, the most important of Majorca's fairs - Inca's Dijous Bo - is this Thursday. Much of it gets started on the Wednesday (Dimecres Bo), when there will be some late-night partying in local bars as well. Other fairs are in Llubi (devoted to honey) and in Caimari, Selva, where they say the olive oil is the best you can get; hence, it's the olives fair. Musically, a blast from 30 years ago as Queen Forever relives the Wembley concert of 1986 at Palma's auditorium this Friday.

Andrew Ede

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Accepting vote results

There is something rather undemocratic about the system at the moment. We don’t like the result.

Jason Moore

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