The people have spoken. As much as we may not like the result it is a question of democracy at work. The people voted for Donald Trump and the people voted for Brexit. I do not agree with either result but that is my problem. Both results must be respected.

There is an element creeping into our democracy which is rather, well, undemocratic. We talk democracy but we question the result when it doesn’t go our way. When the Brexit referendum result was announced I was speechless.  I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t understand why the great British public had voted for something which was so wrong, in my opinion, and how it would have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of British citizens living in Spain.

After the initial shock I came to the conclusion that it was people power: just because you don’t like the result you can’t automatically change it. The same can be said for Donald Trump, and for once I agree with Boris Johnson. He said: "I may respectfully say to my European friends and colleagues that it’s time we snapped out of general doom and gloom about this election. He is after all a deal maker. He wants to do a free trade deal with the UK."

I suspect that there may be other results on the horizon which we do not agree with but it is tough luck. This is all about democracy. But I do think that the western democracies are rather flawed at the moment. Mainstream politicians are not listening to the people any longer. It was the same in the Brexit campaign and was one of the reasons Trump triumphed. Politicians need to be in touch with the electorate. They can no longer disregard their views and opinions because otherwise we risk getting results which some may not like. The Brexit and Trump results were real wake-up calls. People are not happy and they will register their vote in the way they feel fit and not the way some want them to.


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S. / Hace over 5 years

We ---The Voters, will no longer act like conditioned sheep anymore. The Voters are much better informed, and will not be tricked by confidence trickster politicians. It is time for change throughout the world. The sooner people accept the future planned changes, and move on, the better they will ALL be with their lives.


Simon Tow / Hace over 5 years

May I respectively suggest that in the future you use the term "some" instead of "we".


Brett Dennis / Hace over 5 years

Like it or not, Big Business rules the Western world, not politicians. Thanks to globalisation, it has more power than ever.