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Pollensa town, not by the coast but will it miss out when it comes to the zoning?

Holiday rentals

Majorca's interior to benefit from holiday rentals' zoning

It is looking increasingly certain that the zoning decisions will be made in favour of interior areas where there isn't "saturation".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Arrests were made in Majorca in September.

False claims

Police provide Palma court with false compensation claims evidence

The police have uncovered around 800 individual British tourists who claim to have suffered food poisoning and gastric complaints

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Maria Ramos, director-general of public health.


Government assures Bulletin legionella outbreak is over

Health ministry: "Holidaymakers can be calm and relaxed in the knowledge that the outbreak is over and we have the situation under control." Abta says it has not recommended that tour operators should not send holidaymakers to Palmanova.

Humphrey Carter

The Llucmajor-Campos road, considered to be the most dangerous in Majorca.


Council of Majorca boosting spending on social services and roads

More road-building, more social services and also tourism promotion.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Spain first

Chinese-owned shops are making a fortune by selling Spanish flags.

Jason Moore

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