News of the day 8 August 2018
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Animal welfare

Natura Parc claiming 700,000 euros from the justice ministry

Natura Parc takes care of animals seized during police operations.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Calvia increasing penalties for selling alcohol to minors

Calvia is adopting the sanctions contained in Balearic legislation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Tourism ministry event sponsorship worth 786,000 euros

The Mallorca Live Festival is calculated to have generated 3.6 million euros in terms of direct and indirect benefit.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Industrial action

Ryanair strike will affect the Balearics on Friday

German pilots are due to strike for 24 hours tomorrow.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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I am not a tourist

Majorca is in danger of out-pricing itself and the first to get hit are the residents.

Humphrey Carter

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