It's proving to be a difficult summer for Ryanair. | Teresa Ayuga


The German pilots union, Vereinigung Cockpit, is joining strike action against Ryanair pay and working conditions. It has called a strike by all Ryanair pilots who are contracted in Germany. It is due to start at one minute past three on Friday morning and finish at one minute to three on Saturday and is expected to have a significant impact on flights to and from the Balearics. Ryanair announced that 250 flights in all will be cancelled.

Meanwhile, travel agents in the UK and across Europe, along with consumer groups, have been complaining about the negative impact that continuing strike action by Ryanair cabin crew and pilots is having on flight prices.

Ryanair had already cancelled 146 flights for today. They affect Belgium, Sweden and Ireland and a total of 25,000 passengers. In an attempt to avoid being caught up in industrial action, consumers are opting for other airlines which, in turn, are putting up their prices to popular destinations such as Majorca due to the increase in demand.