Police distributed leaflets about drinking regulations in March; the fines are now heavier. | Michel's


Establishments in Calvia that sell alcohol to under-18s face a maximum fine of 5,000 euros and temporary closure. The town hall is to apply provisions in Balearic legislation governing business activities. This law permits greater sanctions for selling alcohol to minors than Calvia's coexistence bylaw does.

The business activities committee at the town hall says that it is responding to complaints from parents about the sale of alcohol to their children at various establishments in Calvia. It has concluded that there is a need for harsher punishment and to act "more forcefully". Calvia police have been informed that they should now apply regulations contained in the regional legislation.

The coexistence bylaw sets fines of between 1,500 and 3,000 euros. The decision to follow the government's legislation instead has arisen from the "aggravating circumstance" of the sale of alcohol to minors throughout the year. The legislation in fact allows for fines up to 10,000 euros as well as a six-month suspension of business activity.

The town hall is opting for a 50% lower tariff and business closure of three months.