17th Edition of the Wine Evening by the Petit Cellers. | P. BERGAS


Over 40 bodegas are members of the Associació de Petits Cellers de Mallorca.

These small bodegas amount to around a half of all the island’s wineries and account for 50% of Mallorca’s wine production, something like 2.7 million litres, half of it red wine.

But there’s absolutely no suggestion that things are done by halves, not when this production has the quality and origin marks that it does. Almost 70% of production has the PGI (protected geographical indication) Vi de la Terra de Mallorca; another nine per cent the PGI Illes Balears. Then there is the production (more than 20%) regulated by the island’s two DO designations of origin - Binissalem and Pla i Llevant.

The association has been organising a Nit del Vi (Wine Evening) for several years. In the agreeable setting of La Misericordia Courtyard, more than 250 wines will be available for tasting. And all of the finest Mallorcan quality.

Useful information
Dates and location:
  1. 31/05/2024 at at La Misericordia Finalizado

6pm to 10pm 


20 euros tickets here