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'Nu i Fragments' is the title of a concert that brings together over twenty compositions by Mallorcan guitarist Tolo Servera.

The Nu part refers to songs written over a 25-year career, while Fragments are pieces that were composed between July and September last year and will shortly be available on digital platforms. While it can mean nude, 'nu' in this context refers to musical improvisation.

An arranger and producer as well, Tolo Servera has worked with performers from a diverse background, such as DJ Sammy, one of Spain's leading DJs, who himself has had a number of top-ten hits.

He is arguably best known for his jazz and funk partnership with Argentina-born sax player, Norbert Fimpel, who also plays the harmonica and will feature in a concert for which vocals will be provided by Desirée Duran, who is known for blending jazz and folk styles.

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Dates and location:
  1. 13/01/2024 at at Teatre del Mar Finalizado



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