The Balearic Symphony Orchestra performing at Palma's Bellver Castle. | T. AYUGA


The Balearic Symphony Orchestra has established a tradition of performing a series of summer concerts at Palma’s Bellver Castle.

It is a tradition which broadens the appeal of classical music, as a concert at the castle is one to be experienced by those who might not go to a concert hall. Heritage, history and scenery combine with music in a very special way.

There are five concerts between June 29 and July 26. The first will feature two piano soloists - Georgia’s Davit Khrikuli and Spain’s Martín García - for the piano concertos number two by Brahms and Rachmaninoff respectively.

The orchestra’s musical director and resident conductor Pablo Mielgo says that the piano will be the main instrument for this season’s concerts. The styles, he adds, will be varied - from the classical and romantic eras as well as from the Bel Canto Italian vocal era. The concerts can be booked individually or with subscription for all five (100-120 euros).

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Dates and location:
  1. 29/06/2023 at at Castell de Bellver Finalizado



25-30 euros at /