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When it comes to tribute rock acts and shows in Mallorca, there rarely seems to be a shortage of Dire Straits, Pink Floyd or Queen.

But there are certain great bands who, mysteriously perhaps, are not paid the same degree of tribute. One of these is U2. The scarcity of homage to Bono and friends is now being corrected, and it comes in the form of I Love U2, who have in fact been together since 1999.

Barcelona-based, they were invited by Universal Music in Spain to promote U2 albums because the Irish band weren’t touring the country. And so, for example, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb was given added popularity by this tribute act, who have an additional benefit in that members do actually resemble the originals - especially guitarist Edu Zafra, aka The Edge (also aka David Evans).

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Dates and location:
  1. 29/04/2023 at at Teatre Lloseta Finalizado



22 euros at teatrelloseta.com