Spartan enthusiasts, rejoice! In 2024, Spartan races return to Mallorca, introducing an exciting twist.

Mallorca welcomes the Beast category for the first time. Participants can choose between Sprint, Super, or Beast categories or aim to conquer the Trifecta Weekend. This event promises a dynamic atmosphere in the breathtaking natural setting, attracting Spartans from across Europe.

The Trifecta Weekend allows contenders to complete their Sprint, Super, and Beast races in one weekend, earning eligibility for the Trifecta World Championship in Sparta, Greece. Get ready for an exhilarating Spartan adventure in Mallorca!

More info at: https://es.spartan.com/

Useful information
Dates and location:
  1. From to at Sant Jaime Military Base in Palma Finalizado

Saturday 16 March - Sunday 17 March


Inscriptions starting from 30€ at https://es.spartan.com/