More queues on Sunday at the Ryanair information desk. | Laura Becerra


There was further disruption to flights at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport on Sunday because of strike action by air-traffic controllers in Marseille and by Ryanair cabin crew.

The air navigation company Enaire said that delays to flights were somewhat shorter than on Saturday, when the average was 40 minutes. This was the situation around 1pm, Enaire noting that delays could lengthen because of the accumulated effect.

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The airports authority Aena stated that there had been no cancellations at Palma by midday, although the USO union reported that 42 flights to or from Ryanair's ten Spanish bases were cancelled up to 1pm. The union added that there were delays to thirteen Ryanair flights at Palma up to midday.

The third day of the strike by Ryanair crew in Spain coincided with the strikes that had also been called in Portugal, Belgium and France.

The spokesperson for the Sitcpla union, Manuel Lodeiro, says that industrial action will end at midnight but will be repeated this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Unions are demanding negotiations with Ryanair for the airline's first collective bargaining agreement in Spain. Specific demands relate, among others, to holiday entitlement and shift working.