The airport was hit by flooding outside and inside on Tuesday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


Following chaotic scenes at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport on Tuesday, the Balearic government has requested an urgent meeting with the Aena airports authority.

The director-general for mobility, Lorena del Valle, says that she wants to know what measures the airport management will be taking in order to avoid a repeat of the flooding inside the airport.

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"We understand that, for meteorological reasons, there may be incidents, delays or cancellations of flights, especially when there is very heavy rain." However, the government believes that it is unacceptable that the weather should affect the interior of the terminal building.

"These consequences are avoidable inside buildings, so we believe that Aena must review its infrastructure so that a situation like the one that occurred on Tuesday cannot be repeated. It may have been a one-off, but it must not happen again. The images speak for themselves."

The government will be insisting that there is a general review of the airports in the Balearics in order to prevent a repeat. It recognises that Palma is one of the most profitable airports in the Aena network.