Several flights faced significant disruptions this Sunday at Manchester Airport following a power outage, which has since been resolved. The airport, a major hub for flights to popular tourist destinations like Mallorca, issued a statement advising passengers scheduled to depart from terminals 1 and 2 to contact their airlines due to a high likelihood of cancellations. Although operations at terminal 3 resumed with delays expected on some routes, the situation has caused considerable inconvenience.

"The power supply has been restored, and our priority is to facilitate the boarding process for passengers already at the airport," airport officials stated. Social media posts from affected travelers depicted scenes of crowded terminals and baggage areas amidst the blackout. This disruption coincides with the onset of the summer holiday season at the UK's third busiest airport and the primary gateway in northern England.

Manchester airport also said that as a result of the outage, there is a possibility that luggage may not have been loaded onto departing flights. Airport authorities have assured that they are collaborating closely with airlines to expedite the return of passengers' belongings at the earliest possible time.

For passengers whose flights have been cancelled, airlines will arrange alternative travel arrangements. The airport is actively working to restore all services promptly, although they have not provided a specific timeframe for completion yet.

According to Aena sources, the power issue at Manchester Airport has also impacted operations at Son Sant Joan Airport in Mallorca. Of the five scheduled departures, one flight was cancelled, and two others experienced delays exceeding an hour. Among the seven arrivals, one flight was cancelled, and two faced delays exceeding an hour.