The Christmas will be turned on at 8pm on Saturday. | Patricia Lozano

The Christmas lights in Palma will be switched on at 8pm on Saturday (November 19). Leading up to this, there will be various light shows. These are on Friday - from 6pm to 9pm - and on Saturday from 5.30pm up to the big moment in Plaça de la Reina when the lights will go on.

In Plaça de la Reina, the show will feature a grand piano to be hung eight metres high that will "open the doors to a unique world". In Plaça Cort, projections on to the front of the town hall building will turn it into a "secret magic box" with three different worlds.

On Avda. Jaume III, there will be a luminous parade that will reach to the sky in the form of an allegory for the universe, with different elements such as the moon and the stars. Photonex is the name of an installation at Hort del Rei. Laser projections will show the behaviour of light.

Sa Feixina Park will be the main centre. A circus show by Circ Bover will be a journey through time in the face of an uncertain future. There will be two light shows - geometric projections that modify the perception of the environment and a three-dimensional projection on top of a circular sculpture suspended in the air.