Guardia Civil at Caló des Moro on Sunday. | MDB


On Sunday, shortly before noon, the Guardia Civil intervened at the Caló des Moro protest against beach overcrowding.

The organisers, Mallorca Platja Tour, had promised a "fun and festive day". This included some ball de bot folk dance. And there were no incidents until a few people started to shout "tourists go home".

At this point, the Guardia Civil acted. They told the protesters to remove banners and asked some of them for ID, the Guardia interpretation having been that this was a protest without permission. It is the case that authorisation for protests has to be given in advance by the Spanish government's delegation in the Balearics.

The action, which had been scheduled to go on until 1pm, came to an end prematurely and protesters dispersed. Mallorca Platja Tour said on X: "We have recovered Caló des Moro. It has been magical. We call for 'recovering' each and every one of Mallorca's beaches."