Dear Sir,
We have just returned to London from Palmanova after yet another lovely break. However, we are extremely concerned about the state of the Palmanova beach.

Years ago there was always someone removing the rubbish from the beach, but in the last few years this has not been the case. We find that we are now constantly treading on cigarette butts, etc. More importantly, the amount of plastic, paper and other unmentionable refuse was all too evident in both the water and along the shore line, which has taken away the enjoyment of such a lovely beach.

Why aren’t the beaches and waters swept clean of all the flotsam and jetsam (rubbish) that is accumulating?

We do understand that the build-up of the rubbish is largely due to people who haven’t cleaned up after themselves or who have thrown items overboard at sea, but we are paying €13.50 per day for the sunloungers so that alone cumulatively must surely cover the cost of keeping the beach clean?

And even more surprising still is that Calvia council have still not yet provided toilet facilities at Palmanova beach. Why is this so?

This beach is beautiful, as are so many of your beaches, which in turn is why so much of your income is from the tourism that they attract, so why does it seem that you can’t be bothered to maintain them?

So come on Calvia council, do the right thing and keep the beaches clean and welcoming!

Thank you
Sue Charlton and Chris Booker