O’Leary has warned of a rise in flight prices. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mark Tanzer, the Chief Executive at the British Association of Travel Agents ABTA told the Bulletin recently that people in the UK who are planning on booking a holiday this year should book now.

“It’s always best to book early if you want to secure your holidays and get it at a good rate.
“I think people who are banking on some great last minute deals might be surprised to find that the availability is not there and then people will possibly be exposed to higher costs because of rising fuel prices,”

And yesterday, Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary, warned that flight prices will be higher this summer due to increased demand.

Due to increased demand for Europe holiday destinations, flight prices will be higher this summer, according to Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary. He told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme:”I think capacity, generally, across the summer will be down 10%, 15%.

Prices will be up by, I think, in the first quarter, they’ll be down on pre-Covid up to June, for the September-quarter at the moment, based on about 50% of all bookings, we expect prices will be up high single-digit percent. It seems to us that there will be higher prices into that peak summer period because there’s so much demand for the beaches of Europe and those price rises going to continue.

"I think prices will be low next winter. But it’s too early to say, there’s clearly going to be an economic downturn, there’s some fear of recession and in a recession the lowest-cost provider, which in the UK and in Europe is Ryanair, will do better, but will do better because we can sustain lower prices.”