The Celebrity Ascent is in Palma today


These are today's ships scheduled to dock at Palma's port.

Take a look here where they are positioned in the port.

Mein Schiff 2

Vessel: Mein Schiff 2
Origin: Ajaccio
Destination: Ajaccio
Arrival: June 30 at 4am
Departure: June 30 at 10.30am
Gross tonnage: 111,554
Flag: Malta
Length: 316

Vessel: Ciudad de Palma
Origin: Barcelona
Destination: Barcelona
Arrival: June 30 at 6am
Departure: June 30 at 11.30am
Gross tonnage: 27,105
Flag: Spain
Length: 186

Vessel: Abel Matutes
Origin: Valencia
Destination: Valencia
Arrival: June 30 at 7am
Departure: June 30 at 10am
Gross tonnage: 29,783
Flag: Spain
Length: 191

Vessel: Celebrity Ascent
Origin: Barcelona
Destination: Civitivecchia
Arrival: June 30 at 8am
Departure: June 30 at 5.30pm
Gross tonnage: 129,500
Flag: Malta
Length: 306

Vessel: Ciudad de Soller
Origin: Mahon, Minorca
Destination: Ibiza
Arrival: June 30 at 7pm
Departure: June 30 at 8pm
Gross tonnage: 33,958
Flag: Spain
Length: 188

Vessel: Eleanor Roosevelt
Origin: Ibiza
Destination: Ibiza
Arrival: June 30 at 10.15pm
Depature: July 1 at 8am
Gross tonnage: 12,262
Flag: Cyprus
Length: 123

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