For the first four months of this year we were fed a diet of near orgasmic statements about how this year will be the best summer season ever in the Balearics. I think there may be an anticlimax. We have seen the Lowcost Group go under in mid-season, easyJet are offering 100,000 flights to European destination for knock-down prices, holidays in Spain are being advertised in the UK for as little as 235 pounds and I have a friend who booked a return flight to Heathrow with BA last week for just 59 euros while another flew out with Ryanair for 29 euros.

On top of that, my trusty bar managers in Magalluf are constantly calling me to complain about how poor business is this year: Some claim it’s worse than ever. Even some of the big all-inclusives are not doing as well as they expected, with trading in the UK in May and June, pre-Brexit when the Pound was steaming, having been described as "unusually slow". We may get the bums on sunbeds but will they be getting off their rear ends to spend?