I wasn't a great admirer of Theresa May when she took office two years ago. I suppose I was still in shock after the Brexit referendum result. She appeared to be dithering at all times and didn't appear to be able to tackle the avalanche of problems which she had inherited. But over the last few weeks I have become rather fond of her; in fact there have been moments when I have felt rather sorry for her as she has attempted to tackle the Brexit mess.

Last week I found myself hoping that she would face down the rebels in her party and tell them to take a run and jump, and this is what she has done. She has come out fighting and even though I have little knowledge about her deal, it sounds as if it is the best that Britain is going to get and will mean that the no-deal Brexit nightmare is avoided. Business is siding with the PM and they could save the day. I sincerely doubt that May will be ousted by her own party; she has the sympathy vote and the plotters in the Tory party are being billed as the bad guys. Topple May at your peril is what many are saying.

So what will happen next? I suspect it will go down to the wire but May will get a revised version of her deal through parliament. This is good news because it will end the Brexit uncertainty and business can get back to work again and plan for the future. Who knows, sterling may rise again.