Europe roared with laughter when pubs were allowed to finally open in England with punters obliged to sign a register on arrival providing their details and contact number. Even I commented that it seemed a bit over the top, but I hold my hands up and apologise.

In Madrid, for example, a growing number of bars and restaurants are following the example and many of my friends who own bars and restaurants in Palma believe that a similar system should be introduced in Majorca, or at least in Palma. What has sparked this is that a very popular restaurant had a Covid scare with a number of its employees catching the virus.

The proprietor was then obliged by the police and the health authorities to try and provide a list of people who had eaten at the restaurant in the days leading up to the cases being confirmed.

Clients who had made reservations, which normally require leaving a name and number, were quickly and easily tracked down, however the big problem was trying to locate those clients who had rocked up on the off chance of getting a table or had simply popped by for a drink. The restaurant in question does have a Whatsapp group and other digital platforms and via those put a message out advising all clients who went to the establishment during that period that the health authorities are looking at, to contact their GP. I think it’s time all clients are logged - better to be safe than sorry.