Come on Balearic government, stop teasing the general public, complicating daily life and frustrating already struggling businesses and go for it - lock down.
A two-week period of confinement, that’s what we’re looking at in all essence - so just be honest.

You don’t have to worry about damaging the economy, the British and German governments have taken care of that, mind you the latest set of restrictions are going to cause further harm on local businesses. If the government wants people to stay at home, away from the terraces and beaches and only travel if necessary, well cut to the chase and make the call, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez gave autonomous the communities the powers to do so on Tuesday, so what’s the delay?

Friends of mine with businesses, especially in the hostelry sector in Palma, are now fearing the worst and are braced for a sharp downturn in trade long before expected.
I witnessed it yesterday lunch time. The usually bustling restaurant and café terraces were empty and very few bar owners were anticipating a busy weekend.

The general public is being played, businesses are being toyed with - it’s nothing short of political psychological warfare on a battlefield in which no one is prepared to take 100 percent responsibility and put their cards on the table and come clean.