IN just a few weeks it will be a year since the coronavirus took grip on the world. I would love to say that we have advanced and we are winning the battle but sadly I don't think so. The error which has been made by most politicians is thinking that the virus crisis would last a few months rather than a full year.

The time has come for decisive action. The vaccine is our only hope at the moment and the armed forces, with their logistical expertise, should be drafted in to ensure that it is readily available at all points from specialised chemists to medical centres. Doctors and nurses, who have left the profession, should be recruited because we need all the help we can get. In the same way as the armed forces can be used for their logistical expertise, soldiers, sailors and airmen/women could aid the police and ensure that restrictions are being followed. And finally perhaps the time has come for governments of national unity.

In the same way as we need the best doctors and nurses we need the best politicians and I don't think any European leader has been up to the job. Take the UK; I am sure that politicians of the calibre of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Theresa May and David Cameron could easily advise the government on what steps they would take.

Now, is not the time for party politics, we need to start looking forward and finding a solution because otherwise we are just going to have lockdown after lockdown. It is a time for action and perhaps even bold decisions. We can't continue like we are doing at the moment.


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Nigel Stack / Hace about 1 year

You want to ask Tony Blair for advice. The man who lied to the electorate in the UK to bring them into a into a war it didn't start.


Leo / Hace about 1 year

You name four of the worst past politicians in UK history as potential advisors to the current - equally bad - lot? What planet are you on?


Rich / Hace about 1 year

Soon we will accept that covid is the new flu and annual vaccinations will be needed to counter that years strain. It's here to stay.