Semi Final - England v Denmark - Wembley Stadium, London, Britain | CARL RECINE


It would have been nice to have enjoyed a few shandies on Wednesday night, but there was a newspaper to produce, but it was well worth the wait. After having had to keep the paper open late on Tuesday to watch Spain get dumped out of Euro 2020 there was a brief moment when I feared it was going to be another disappointing evening, but Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions roared into the final with a superb performance.

I have to admit, as a result of the pandemic and having lost a little bit of interest in football, it’s not always fun being an Arsenal supporter, when England came into the tournament, I was not 100 percent sure who all of the players were or which teams they played for. Shamefully the only face I instantly recognised was David Beckham, and he was in the stands watching!

Now, however, every single member of Southgate’s young side will be a household name in England, if not across the world, not to mention Italy where they will no doubt be busy deciding on their tactics - play football or simply take England out. That’s how the Italians like to rumble at times, especially as soon as thing don’t go their way.

And, I certainly hope they don’t on Sunday night and England soak up what ever the Italians throw at them and concentrate on the job at hand and that is lifting the trophy and giving the country and England fans around the world a huge lift. We could all do with one.