Keir Starmer, the Labour leader. | EFE


What Britain needs at the moment is an effective opposition. The British government of Boris Johnson appears to go from one crisis to another and to be honest the opposition Labour Party have not been holding them to account. Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, is poor....or so I thought. I was very impressed with his speech to the Labour Party this week.

It was almost a throwback to the new Labour of Tony Blair and the complete opposite to the Old Labour of Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour party has finally understood that to win the next general election they have to take the centre ground. They lost it under Jeremy Corbyn who took the party to the left and as a result they suffered badly at the polls.

Starmer talked a good game in his speech to conference but why has he taken so long to change his policies? This was a new Labour party. Praise for British troops and the military, a new campaign on law and order, more investment for industry. All good stuff but better late than never? If Starmer is true to his word then the Conservatives could have a fight on their hands.

Starmer, in my opinion was also right on one important issue, he said that Johnson only had one policy at the last general election, get Brexit done. Brexit is done but the British government doesn´t seem to be up for the task. If you had asked me three weeks ago if Starmer could be the next Prime Minister I would have said no. But now, I don´t know, one speech can make a difference.