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Holly Willoughby, the presenter of ITV’s Good Morning quits


Holly Willoughby's alarming decision: quitting amid kidnap threats

“It seems wrong that a woman’s career has been potentially cut short due to external, random yet serious threats from a stranger...”

Anna Nicholas13/10/2023 11:33

Keir Starmer, the Labour leader


Is Labour back?

“Why has it taken Starmer so long to lay out his credentials...”

Jason Moore02/10/2021 09:42

Jeremy Corbyn


Viewpoint: Labour woes

Britain needs a strong Labour party and one which can form a government....”

Jason Moore08/05/2021 11:08



“There is a strong possibility that the elections in Spain and Britain could end in stalemate.”

Jason Moore18/11/2019 09:58


Interesting times

“How long is the Labour Party going to have Corbyn at the helm...’”

Jason Moore05/07/2019 10:30