Recreation of the tram for Palma. | Horrach Estarellas, Gabriel


The latest polls indicate that, should there be an election in Palma today, a right wing pact made up of the more central right Partido Popular and the far right Vox parties would win. But, polls are always changing along with events, so we will have to wait and see what happens at the next round of local elections. In the meantime, the current left wing coalition in power in Palma appears to be convinced it will be running city hall until 2040, at the earliest.

It has just unveiled a multi point urban development and improvement plan for the city which will begin this year and continue until 2040.

On the surface it all makes good sense and sound reading. More green spaces, greater emphasis on public transport, less traffic in the city centre, an increase in social housing, tougher requirements for people wishing to open bars and restaurants (not too sure about that one) and the partial, if not total, tunneling of the Via de Cintura ring road while “opening the centre up to the sea” with more promenades and a greater right of way for pedestrians and cyclists. Utopia indeed but combine the Via de Cintura plan with that of the tram and the city will become one gigantic building site for years to come. Yes, closed roads will reduce traffic but so too will it lead to fewer consumers coming into Palma. Perhaps this has been rolled out fast to boost the council’s ratings in the poll.