Concerns of fly tipping in Mallorca. | Barbara


Fly Tipping

Dear Sir,

Please can you highlight this in my area Guillem de Montcada. I have been to the council offices about this and although the police say they will keep an eye on the dumping it continues daily. I cannot get near to the plastic containers for rubbish. The council do a marvellous job and remove the rubbish but as soon as it’s clear people dump more stuff almost immediately. I wish I knew how to contact our councillors about this. I don’t speak Spanish which is a disadvantage. Please help.

Santa Ponsa

Apartments in Alcudia need help!

Dear Sir,

Could someone please take a comprehensive look at the area surrounding the Siestas. Blocked drains, rocking pavement, tiles, electric cables exposed to the public, when it rains the flooding has got to be seen to be believed.

Outside Siesta 1, 20-30 metres of water with no way to enter or exit. The roundabout (the lake) almost impossible without a raft or small boat! Visitors and children have to drag their cases through this mayhem. I have watched on two different occasions a bucket of tarmac put in to one of the worst holes “The fence what a disaster” is this to keep elephants and giraffes in or little boys out.

Not expecting any results of improvement but hoping! Now we have to contend with scooters (silent assassins). This is written on behalf of 20 to 30 long term residents, 75 years and older, we will ever see any improvements before we pass on!!

Mike Parsons