The former president, José Ramón Bauzá. | M.A. Cañellas


The previous regional government of José Ramón Bauzá and the Partido Popular has left behind a total of 398 million euros worth of arrears to suppliers and other administrations. To this amount, 8,434 million euros of bank debt needs to be added, making a total of 8,832 million. In order to pay it off, the new government would need to be able to do so at a rate of 24 million euros a day, something that would be impossible.

The level of unpaid demands is some way lower than that which the Bauzá administration inherited - it was 1,561 million euros in 2011 - but the bank debt is substantially greater. When Bauzá took office, this stood at 4,432 million euros. In other words, the current government is faced with a total debt that is almost 3,000 million euros higher than four years ago.