People from 156 nationalities are living in Palma. | J. Aguirre


The United Nations’ International Migrants Day will be celebrated on 18 December, and Palma will be recognising the day by organising a number of diverse events. The town hall’s department for equality, youth and civil rights is organising activities such as exhibitions, seminars and cinema forums as well as arranging for gastronomy-related events. It is a programme which has as a common thread the experiences, realities and cultures of migrants and an understanding of these.

In 2000, the United Nations General Assembly declared 18 December International Migrants Day, reflecting the need to reaffirm commitment to diverse and open societies that provide opportunities and ensure a decent life for migrants.

It is an initiative that the town hall wishes to add to through a programme combining education with entertainment.

A total of 82,934 people residing in Palma are foreign nationals. They represent, therefore, roughly 20% of the city’s population, with 156 nationalities in all. The town hall’s challenge is to ensure co-existence in a multicultural city and equality in terms of access to services. The department of equality operates in different ways, such as attending to those who have recently arrived, getting them to know the city and their rights and duties, and promoting participation, with a particular focus on women.