The debate over terraces along the Born in Palma was settled (in favour of the terraces) by the public consultation in December, but the town hall still has terraces in its sights. It wishes to review and update the classification of all streets in Palma where there is an occupation of the "public way", meaning terraces on pavements or elsewhere in public areas.

The councillor for the economy, finance and innovation at the town hall, Adrián García, says that Palma has developed over the past few years in such a way that there are now streets which have a "special" classification but which have lost the levels of economic activity and pedestrian traffic that was once the case. These streets, therefore, should be downgraded in terms of classification, meaning that rates for terraces would be made cheaper.

On the other hand, there are those streets which have gone from strength to strength and are attracting ever increasing levels of activity and people. These, therefore, should be reconsidered, and this would mean an increase in terrace tax.

García explains that there are currently five categories for classifying streets in the city and that these are embraced by the bylaw on the occupation of the public way by bars, cafes and restaurants. These, he suggests, should be reviewed every year. There has not been, he points out, a revision of the categories for several years.