The inspectors will be looking at quality and service but crucially at whether the all-inclusive offer is legal. | P. Lozano


Inspectors from the regional tourism ministry have launched a campaign this month directed at the control of all-inclusive hotel offer and its marketing. The tourism minister, Biel Barceló, says that the inspections will focus on hotels that are not registered as offering all-inclusive, pointing out that they have had sufficient time to register. Currently, there are 53 hotels registered with the ministry, when the number is very much higher: 297 in total.

Barceló adds that the inspections will look at the control of services provided, quality and marketing. "This is a type of accommodation that has a harmful impact on the complementary and restaurant sector; hence the interest in rooting out any offer that is not legal."

The hotels that have registered are likely to find themselves down the list of inspectors' priorities. The main focus will be on those where it is known that there is an all-inclusive offer but which haven't registered.

The director-general for tourism, Pilar Carbonell, explains that the ministry knows which hotels are offering what. A telematic scan of tour operators and travel websites has identified them.

The main resort areas with the highest number of all-inclusive hotels are on Alcudia bay, in Capdepera, Colonia Sant Jordi, Cala d'Or, Playa de Palma and in the principal parts of Calvia - Magalluf, Palmanova, Santa Ponsa and Paguera. As to any penalties that are likely to be imposed, Carbonell says that inspectors will first hear what explanations are given before deciding on taking action. She stresses, though, that any hotel violating the tourism law can expect to be punished.

The hotels will not be the only establishments liable to inspection. Carbonell adds that inspectors will also be looking at businesses near to the hotels, such as bars, restaurants and rental firms of different types. This will be in order to maximise the number of inspections to be carried out.