The planned project by the company Marina Aucanada has not met with Alcudia town hall support. | Archive


As explained in Saturday's Bulletin, the town hall in Alcudia is at loggerheads with the Balearic Ports Authority (APB) over the plan to develop part of Puerto Alcudia's front line and install various buildings (including bars/restaurants) in addition to a dry dock and new moorings.

The president of APB, Joan Gual de Torrella, has now met town hall representatives once more in seeking to open the way to dialogue that will enable sufficient consensus so that the project can move ahead next year.

The authority believes that the dry dock is essential but is prepared to give way on certain other issues that concern the town hall - one of these would be the plan for a petrol station, something that the town hall totally rejects. Gual said after the meeting that there are aspects of the project that could not be implemented without the town hall's agreement and so there need to be alternative solutions.

He declared himself satisfied with the meeting, despite the reservations expressed by the town hall. "I believe that the interpretation of the project is now different," he said, adding that this was to be transmitted to residents at a meeting yesterday evening. All the administrative processing for the project is due to be completed by the end of the year in order to allow a start to work in 2017.

With regard to the dry dock, Gual explained that it would not be seen from the street as it would be hidden by an existing building and so not have any visual impact. He also explained that there is a genuine lack of moorings in the Balearics as a whole, pointing to the fact that the project contemplates the creation of 161 moorings. "The project envisages an extension to the commercial port terminal. How is it paid for?" The answer lies partly with the moorings as well as with the dry dock for up to 34 vessels and space for 36 jet skis.

Mayor Toni Mir said that there is no agreement with the authority. There needs to be dialogue but this should have started months ago. "We don't like the basic project at all. We will listen to what the public has to say. APB tells us that the dry dock will be hidden, and we are willing to consider our stance on this, but there are other issues. The small Gesa wood is 'sacred' and we don't want a new front line of restaurants."