The road will be closed for the whole of the summer. | Tots per Pollença Facebook page


It never ends in Puerto Pollensa, or so it seems. Former mayor Tomeu Cifre's grouping, Tots per Pollença, have posted a complaint on their Facebook page regarding the cutting of traffic from the yacht club roundabout.

Calling, once more, for the town hall administration to stop "improvising" and conducting "more experiments" with the front line road during the tourist season, Tots have drawn attention to the fact that traffic has been closed from the yacht club roundabout in the direction of Alcudia. Under the new semi-pedestrianisation scheme, there is only one-way traffic coming from Alcudia. Until now, however, there has been two-way traffic between the roundabout and the pier opposite the calle Elcano.

Drivers have been forced to use Elcano, a narrow street, in order to get to the pier and the car park that is next to it. Tots point out that a transport plan drawn up in 2013 (when Cifre was mayor) for two-way traffic along the stretch of road in question. They say that there is nothing to inform drivers of the road closure and want to know what studies there have been on which the closure has been based, one that that is leading to "traffic chaos" in the port.