The Council of Majorca yesterday proposed that a network of public walks be created to link up all of the municipalities in the Serra Tramuntana Unesco World Heritage Site.

The mountain range was declared a Unesco site five years ago, and the Council of Majorca believe that, since then, little has been done to make the most of the special international status the mountains were given. The director for planning and infrastructure, Mercedes Garrido, said that creating the new network will involve a reviewing and perhaps re-routing of some of the existing GR paths and perhaps introducing new access paths for hikers and ramblers.

The president of the Council of Majorca, British-born Miquel Ensenyat, said yesterday that the region has passed its latest Unesco investigation and therefore can now push forward with plans to promote the Tramuntana more and maximise the potential which the mountain range and the various municipalities offer residents and holidaymakers.