376 police "denuncias" for beach massage, but then what?


Between 1 May and 14 July the local police in Calvia issued a total of 1,568 reports for breaches of bylaws. Overwhelmingly, these were for illegal selling. Of the 943 in all, 377 were related to perishables. Beach massages attracted 367 reports, noise pollution 209 and offences regarding the distribution of publicity 49. There were also 90 cases of television screens not complying with local regulations.

Over the same period the police attended 4,187 incidents. Almost 800 had to do with noise, 634 were traffic and 627 involved people who were drunk, injured or in some other way affected. There were 540 cases of fights, assaults and public disorder. From all of these, there were forty actual arrests and 172 other proceedings.

A further 1,378 incidents were for the likes of domestic situations and issues with animals.

The town hall, in recognising that the population of Calvia can increase fivefold in the summer, praises the work of the police and its own efforts for a second consecutive year in responding to the needs of residents and visitors.

The data for this period does not identify any specific instances involving what many people in Magalluf believe are the biggest problems with disorder, such as the mugging prostitutes.

On a related theme, Carlos Tarancon of Ciudadanos is to present a motion to council seeking a review of ordinance regarding displays of alcohol in supermarkets. He wants a balance so that businesses are not harmed but wants to ensure that the displays do not convey an image of "alcoholic tourism" and incivility.  The proposal would involve a change to the bylaw so that displays by supermarkets are not totally devoted to bottles of alcohol. "Regulating and limiting the display of alcoholic drinks will help in combating drunken tourism and in not encouraging consumption."


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OH Please! / Hace over 5 years

Agreed Andy, the local constabulary have to get their "bonuses" from somewhere....


Andy Rawson / Hace over 5 years

Believe what you see, not what they tell you. The number of African street sellers and robbing prostitutes are higher than ever. And they are more aggressive than ever.