Steel posts started appearing in Es Capdella this morning. | Stuart Pearce


The Bulletin was this morning contacted by a number of residents in the Es Capdella area complaining about the sudden arrival, with no prior warning or explanation from Calvia town hall, of giant steel posts.

Leading international photographer Stuart Pearce, who lives in the village, said that they are at least seven metres high and it’s not yet clear what is going to go on top. They are presumably going to be lights, but the locals consider the poles running between the two villages of Es Capdella and Calvia an eyesore and blot on a Unesco-protected landscape.

It would appear there is a breakdown in communication between Calvia and the Council of Majorca, which is responsible for protecting the Unesco heritage site.

So far, 47 of these giant steel masts have been put up and nobody knows if there are more to come, never mind why.

"Once the Council of Majorca finds out what’s going on in this Unesco site, they will go mental," one resident told the Bulletin. "They are totally out of keeping with the local countryside and certainly do nothing to enhance the wonderful views. We all think it’s criminal and have been trying to contact the town hall for an answer, but being August everything is so slow, so we are none the wiser, just angry."

Pearce said: "They are excessively large and not at all in keeping with a Unesco World Heritage Site. We all used to enjoy lovely uninterrupted views across that part of the village and now we’ve got all these metal poles dotted along."

Residents are hoping that the Council of Majorca will come to their aid and rule that, on the grounds the area is a protected Unesco heritage site, the poles will have to come down.