The land is classified as protected, while residents have been complaining about the general level of traffic in this part of Sa Rapita. | A. Bassa


The Costas Authority has taken the first step towards solving a problem with vehicles that park on land by the sea in Sa Rapita. The target of regular complaints from residents, this area is now being blocked off by posts and ropes that will make parking impossible on land that is rear access to the yacht club and has always been considered to be only for emergency exit purposes.

Sebastià Sagreras, the mayor of Campos, says that the large number of tourists this summer, especially at weekends, has meant that there has been more parking than ever before. A meeting between the town hall and the Costas led to what he calls a "simple" measure. There will, though, still be an area where bikes can be parked.

Residents have often expressed their indignation with this parking and the nuisance it causes. Although the Costas Authority has taken this first step, there is a wider issue with parking in the area, which has led some residents to place large stones in order to prevent parking in what is public maritime domain (so therefore the responsibility of the Costas). Ideally, these residents would like traffic to be diverted away from the coast road and allow the character of the area to be restored and give a boost to shops and restaurants.

Sagreras approves of this idea and notes that the Costas came up with a project for improving this part of the front line some years ago. Key to this, the mayor points out, would be a solution to the current traffic issue. The project, he observes, has the backing of all residents but it would require there being agreement between different public institutions.