Relatives arrive at the school in Son Roca, Palma today. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


An eight-year-old girl was taken to Son Espases Hospital on Wednesday, having been assaulted by twelve other pupils, mostly all of whom are said to have been identified.

The incident occurred at a school in what is described as a "troubled" neighbourhood in Son Roca, Palma. During a break, the girl was apparently pinned down and kicked repeatedly in what was said to have been a dispute over a ball. One of her sisters says that this is not the first time that the girl has had problems. She has often been subject to insults, and her family have sought explanations from the school. "But nothing happens."

There was apparently no teacher in the playground at the time, as the one who was on duty had to attend to an emergency with another pupil. The girl then told her teacher what had happened. Her mother arrived and was initially assured that everything was ok, though there had been a fight.

The girl had cracked ribs and bruises and was allowed home on Thursday. The National Police have meanwhile opened an investigation, and the family is demanding justice; relatives met with the school director today. Palma town hall has condemned the incident, and two inspectors from the education ministry are conducting their own investigations.