Aptur and business associations believe the holiday rentals' bill will be too restrictive. | Serge Cases


Aptur, the association for holiday rental accommodation, has the backing of business organisations in challenging the "disappointing" draft text of the government's holiday rentals' legislation. The association is stressing that it will be presenting various submissions during the current public consultation phase in order to ensure the development of "an economic activity with unstoppable growth".

The confederation of tourist business associations (CPTB) is opposed to the contents of the draft. This is because the proposed law does not reflect "regulatory needs for holiday rentals ... which should be based on balance, sustainability and a free market for an activity which is the principal source of revenue for the Balearics".

Where the CPTB is concerned, diversification of tourism activity should redistribute wealth to other basic sectors which support a strategy of product quality and welfare for Balearic society "with the legal security necessary for any economic activity".

Aptur points out that retail associations, such as Afedeco, have said that holiday rentals bring business to shops that they would otherwise not get. Antonio González, president of the association for tourist attractions, argues that rental tourism made a decisive contribution in having made 2016 a better year than last.

From Acotur, the tourist businesses association, the view of its president Pepe Tirado is that holiday rentals offer clients who come to the islands 365 days a year. Jordi Mora, the president of the Pimem small to medium-sized businesses association, describes holiday rentals as "very positive" and considers them to be "fully compatible" with traditional hotel accommodation.

The bakery shops wing of Pimem is another body which sides with Aptur, as does Radio Taxi Calvia, which highlights the benefits to its drivers.