The property in Arta.


Two men have been arrested by the Guardia Civil and charged with robbery with violence and kidnapping.

On 10 December, a couple in Arta returned home and surprised the two, who were in the process of burgling the property. The man was then forcibly taken to Sant Llorenç in order to take cash from an ATM. He handed over 550 euros and was taken back to the property. The two left in his Audi Q3, which was later found burned out.

The Guardia's investigations led to raids on three properties and searches of two storerooms and a vehicle. The two were arrested on Thursday, and a further arrest is anticipated.

Various stolen items were seized and are being examined in order to try and identify owners. Among them were jewellery and a hunting shotgun.

One of the two, a 34-year-old said to be the ringleader, has previous convictions for theft and appeared in court yesterday.