Trees and rocks were scattered over the Coll de Soller road. | L. Garcia


The recent rain and snow caused damage to a number of the island's roads. The Council of Majorca has put a value of 2,195,512 euros on this damage and is claiming this amount from Madrid as part of the state's compensation package.

The most affected area was the Tramuntana, where most of the damage was from collapsed walls and rockfalls. The single most costly repair job (480,000 euros) is to a tunnel on the Andratx-Estellencs road. A rock weighing 25 tons crashed into the roof of the tunnel from a height of over 100 metres.

Initial work on the tunnel involves installing a protective barrier to prevent any further rockfalls while part of the tunnel is demolished. It will be possible to then reopen the road. The actual repair will be scheduled in order to try and minimise further inconvenience to road users.

Along the Coll de Soller road there was another rockfall. This one involved a whole load of large rocks which damaged the road and walls. There are other rocks said to be in an unstable condition. After work to clear up the area, a protective barrier will be installed to retain any further falls. The cost of work is put at some 100,000 euros.

A third road is the one to Formentor, for which a barrier will also be created as part of work that will cost up to 340,000 euros.