Laura Camargo of Podemos, demanding an explanation from Álvaro Gijón. | Miquel A. Cañellas


The parliamentary spokesperson for Podemos, Laura Camargo, said yesterday that the party had registered a demand for the Partido Popular member, Álvaro Gijón, to appear before the committee for institutional affairs. Podemos are specifically looking for explanations regarding Gijón's relationship with Tolo Cursach, the owner of (among other places) Megapark in Arenal, Tito's in Palma, and BCM in Magalluf, who was arrested last week.

Gijón, who has already been implicated in the ongoing investigation into police corruption (this stems from his time as a councillor and deputy mayor in Palma), is the subject of further allegations arising from the investigation: ones concerning collusion with Cursach.

Camargo added that she found it "inexplicable" that the PP was maintaining its silence. Podemos called for Gijón to give up his seat in parliament when his name was mentioned last week in connection with Cursach.